Here are my favorite BOOKS!

Brains Benton
This is Brains Benton and Jimmy Carson! They may be kids, but they're detectives too! There are six Brains Benton mysteries. So far, we've read four:
The Case of the Counterfeit Coin
The Case of the Painted Dragon
The Case of the Waltzing Mouse
The Case of the Missing Message
There are two that we're missing:
The Case of the Stolen Dummy and The Case of the Roving Rolls
I hope my Dad can find them!

My Favorite
This is Nate The Great! He's a detective too. He solves mysteries with his dog Sludge. There are lots of Nate The Great books. I get them at my library with my Mom.

The AlphaPets
These guys are The AlphaPets! There's one for every letter of the alphabet, and they all have their own personalities. My favorites are Bradley The Brave Bear, Fenton The Fearful Frog and Ziggy The Zippy Zebra!
Bradley The Bear Fenton The Frog Ziggy The Zebra