Here are my favorite PLACES TO GO!

Cogshall Park
This is Cogshall Park. Over my shoulder you can see some of the swans, the fountain and the gazebo. There is also a great playground and a lot of trails and rocks to go hiking around.

Davis' Farmland
Here I am at Davis' Farmland in Sterling. That's Snickers the lama. NO SILLY! The one on my LEFT! He's my favorite Farmland animal.

Higgins Armory
I ran into this hound (rrruuff!) at The Higgins Armory in Worcester! It's a fun place to go and see all the... what else? ARMOR!

Hammond Castle
This is Hammond Castle in Gloucester. I haven't been there yet, but I plan on going there the first weekend in August with some of my cousins. They're having a renaissance fair called "The Pirates Of The Hesperus"! I hope to have some pictures from that.

I'll have more pictures of these places soon. I'll also have pictures of my other favorite places to go. Like Whalom Park and my city Library.